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Hirak Rajar Deshe (The Kingdom of Diamonds)


Year 1980
Producer Govt. of West Bengal
Distributor Govt. of West Bengal
Screenplay Satyajit Ray
Based on The story Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne by Upendrakisore Ray Chaudhury
Photography Soumendu Roy
Editor Dulal Dutta
Art Director Ashoke Bose
Music Satyajit Ray
Sound Robin Sen Gupta, Durgadas Mitra
Length 118 min.
Print Color


Professor Udayan Soumitra Chatterjee
King Hirak Utpal Dutta
Goopy Tapen Chatterjee
Bagha Rabi Ghosh
King of Shundi Santosh Dutta
Udayan's father Promod Ganguli
Udayan's mother Alpana Gupta
Charandas Rabin Majumdar
Fazl Mia Sunil Sarkar
Balaram Nani Ganguli
Bidusak Ajoy Banerjee
Court poet Kartik Chatterjee
Court astrologer Harindhan Mukherjee
Ministers Bimal Deb, Tarun Mitra, Gopal Dey, Sailen Ganguli, Samir Mukherjee

This film is the sequel to The Adventures of Goopy and Bagha. Ten years have passed in the kingdom of Shundi. Our two heroes have married the princesses and each has a child, but they have become bored with their lives. An invitation arrives from the Kingdom of Diamonds, inspiring them to pay a visit to that land. The ruler there behaves despotically, bleeding his people with taxes and exploiting them in his diamond mine; he wants a scientist to build him a brainwashing machine. A professor, Udayan, tries to incite the people to rise up against this tyrant, but the king closes the schools as the machine invented by the scientist begins to work. In the midst of all this, Goopy and Bagha meet the professor and join forces with him in order to liberate the populace from their oppressor.